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Technology designed to improve medication management & operational efficiency in facilities


A simple interface that users feel comfortable using

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Reduced Errors

With changes being recorded instantly, administrative errors are reduced. Right patient, Right medication, Right dose, Right route of administration and Right time

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Customize your preferences. Solvo e-MAR includes many adjustable features to improve your user experience

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Solvo e-MAR prioritizes your med pass by time & color so staff knows whose due for administration now and later.

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Solvo e-MAR Main Features

Solvo e-MAR centralizes resident care and greatly reduces the need for difficult to maintain paper systems. Optimizing care for your residents is our shared goal.

Keep Up-to Date

Solvo e-MAR includes a dashboard feature to ensure open communication between pharmacy and facility care teams.

Resident Profile

The resident profile contains all the resident's health information into one secure centralized location. Record your resident's orders, allergies, diagnoses and vitals + much more.


Solvo e-MAR uses a detailed order entry process to ensure your resident is receiving thier medication exactly as prescribed.


Generate detailed resident reports in a ready to print format so the resident's circle of care is always informed.

Communication Tools

Our built-in communication tools allow easy and confidential communication between pharmacy and facility care teams.


e-MAR is programmed with data integrity, confidentialy and security in mind. We take all the neccessary steps to ensure data is encrypted.

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