Main Cabinet: Operational Details

The Athos ™ Dosys is a modular Automated Secure Dispensing Cabinet that combines a maximum of 14 drawers, boxes and medicine compartments, being capable of controlling up to 8 auxiliary Columns, cabinets and refrigerators.


The Athos Dosys Main Cabinet is equipped with a computer, a touch screen, a mouse and a keyboard to ease its operation and data managementl


The Cabinet includes hub to control up to 8 auxiliary supply cabinet combined with refrigerators. This option provides a great level of flexibility to the facility professionals.


The included PC offers fingerprint or keycard identification. The optional barcode scanner or PFID reader guarantees the dispensation and replenishment of medicaments.


The Athos Dosys software controls the dispensing systems installed in the facilities. The console version of the software enables a terminal placed in the facility to manage (alarms included) and configure the dispensing systems.


Designed for high security medications such as narcotics

Each drawer has the following useful dimensions:
80 mm (Width) x 447 mm (Depth) x 40 mm (Height).

The volume of the drawer is divided into 10 welded
compartments of equal size and useful dimensions:
80 mm (Width) x 42 mm (Depth) x 40 mm (Height).

Pharmacy technicians can unlock the mechanism to remove, replace or change the drawers.
Unlike the drawer units of the medium security tray, the maximum security drawer units include a locking mechanism on the back that prevents the drawer from being completely removed once it is released from the rear lock.
This format only allows the sequential access to one reference. The drawer opens to the first compartment that has stock, to prevent multiple doses being extracted without control.



It includes 10 configurable high capacity locking drawers with controlled opening covers.


Each drawer has useful dimensions of:
540 mm (Width) x 450 mm (Depth) x 70 mm (Height).

Each of these 10 locking drawers can have the following

  • Single capacity (equipped with four independent compartments, each with its own lid).
  • Double capacity (equipped with two independent double compartments, each with its own lid).
  • Triple capacity (equipped with two independent compartments, one with triple capacity and the other with a single capacity, each with its own lid).
Each high security tray houses 10 plastic locking drawers with controlled opening lids. The internal volume of each box can be structured with removable spacers to divide it between: 4 single compartments, 2 double compartments or 2 compartments of which one is triple and one simple.
The internal volume of the tray allows to accommodate locking drawers of single, double or triple capacity, which can be structured according to the specific operational needs of each Hospital unit.



It includes 6 drawers with 10 compartments, or a single configurable drawer to accommodate up to 64 compartments without a lid (matrix).


Each drawer has useful dimensions of:
80 mm (Width) x 447 mm (Depth) x 40 mm (Height).

The dimensions of the smallest compartment are :
80 mm (Width) x 42 mm (Depth) x 40 mm (Height).

Each drawer unit can be divided into up to 10 compartments by using dividers.
When the dispensation of a reference is made, the application opens in its entirety the drawer in which it is located. The Athos‘" Dosys application displays the compartment in which it is located on the monitor screen.
Once the reference is dispensed, the drawer should be closed by pushing gently from the front until the drawer is blocked by the electric lock mechanism.



it includes 6 drawers with 10 compartments, or a single configurable drawer to accommodate up to 64 compartments without a lid (matrix).

By removing the dividers from a row or a column, different sizes of compartments can be obtained to achieve the desired sizing.


Each drawer has useful dimensions of:
534mm (Width) x 437 mm(Depth) x 62.5 mm (Height).

The possible configurations vary from 4 compartments, up to 64 compartments.

The division of the medium security tray can be structured with dividers to separate it into a maximum of 8 rows and 8 columns.
Once the required medication has been withdrawn and in the amount indicated by the application, the tray must be closed. If it is not properly closed, the system will generate an alarm message, not allowing to perform another operation until that alarm is solved.
This type of tray has an assistance system with LED light indication by abscissa and ordered axes that facilitate the nursing team the identification of the compartment from which to withdraw or replace medication.
Auxilary Cabinet

is a medium security dispenser in which those medications whose size do not fit on the Main Cabinet can be placed

Secure doors

The doors are equipped with an electronic opening system featuring a glass to display the medication

Computerized management

The cabinet allows connectivity to the computerized management system for the distribution of drugs stored streamlining the procedures of dispensing and improving the efficiency of the pharmaceutical system

Electric Lock System

The electric lock e-Lock is a safety device that is attached to any type of pharmaceutical refrigerator to control the opening of the same by the application Athos Dosys.

Medicine Position

e-Lock incorporates a display that indicates the position of the medication to be removed inside the refrigerator in the dispensing process.

Temperature Control

The eLock electronic lock incorporates the technology for monitoring the temperature of the refrigerator by means of a probe.